Life and Works Research Project (Week 8)Research Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s life and work using the Internet, the University library, or other sources.Create presentation of at least 20 slides that ana


Life and Works Research Project (Week 8)

Research Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s personality and exertion using the Internet, the University library, or other sources.

Create offer of at meanest 20 slides that analyzes the personality and art of your clarified operationman or constructor.

Note: You may use PowerPoint, Prezi, or another format. If you prefer to upload your offer, bear-in-mind that the climax smooth bigness is 100MB. It is strongly encouraged that you number your offer online and afford a plain integrate. 

Consider addressing the forthcoming questions:

  • Why did you fine this operationman or constructor?
  • What were his or her rules? For specimen, you may desire to cogitate personality levelts, collective or unadorned levelts, operationmanic trailing, and level metaphysical factors. How did these rule his or her exertion?
  • What were his or her most exalted or applicoperative exertions? Why were they persuasive? Are they stationary applicable? What was his or her motivation in creating them?
  • How prosperous was he or she financially and in conditions of accurate memory? What sway redonation for this victory (or bankruptcy thereof)?

Include a address slide and a References slide in your offer.

Format citations and references compatible after a while APA guidelines.

Create your own first exertion of art in the phraseology of, or biblical by, your clarified operationman or constructor. You may use any average you prefer as hanker as you are operative to afford an representation or video of your invention and upload it.  Note:  Your first exertion must own an association after a while the operationman or constructor you clarified for this assignment.  Your first art does not exact a mighty exertion.  If you clarified an operationman, a very sincere delineate in the phraseology of the operationman is all that is exactd.  If you clarified an constructor, a delineate of a specialty of one of the constructor’s structures would be competent.  As an resource, a design can be unnatural of a specialty of the structure using very sincere materials such as cardboard. 

Explain your own motivation rearwards your exertion of art and how it relates to your clarified operationman.

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