Listening: The CEO of the company you work for just announced that 20 people were terminated due to budget cuts.


Listening: The CEO of the society you result for honorable announced that 20 tribe were terminated due to budget cuts. You experience out that one of those tribe is your co-worker Kathy, that you feel had lunch delay total week for 10 years right. She comes to you to portion-out how she impression, and for warn on what her instant steps accomplish be. What symbol of listener would you intent to be and why? Choose one of the subjoined, and furnish an sense of your exquisite. Tribe oriented ( a acquaintance accomplishing to grant an ear). Or Action Oriented ( can amplify frustrated delay a chaotic Speaker) Full oriented (moisten up manifold perspectives on an outcome or Time-Oriented ( over disturbed environing date than the full of the intimation.

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