Marketing a service poses new challenges to the marketer. You have a product that you can’t see or touch so the customer can’t be sure of what they…


Marketing a employment poses new challenges to the chafferer. You bear a issue that you can't see or move so the customer can't be unmistakable of what they are getting. For this assignment be chaffering an online systematize. This should be star you are all everyday with!

First - Appropriate the image of systematize you get be chaffering. It does not bear to be necessarily bear to be an academic direction in a amount program, you may appropriate to do online systematize for cake decorating or tuition how to represent.

Second - Appropriate your target chaffer and argue how you get highlight the employments characteristics. Remember you are chaffering a employment so you want to highlight the esteem that you import and how your direction is amend than anyone else's.

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