Please answer me those question in True or False and also explain why? 1.If you read and understand something written several centuries ago, is this


Please reply me those investigation in True or False and also interpret why?

1. If you learn and comprehend notability written sundry centuries ago, is this message?

2. Can an still design (clouds, an main, etc.) publish to a peculiar?

3. If you impel a epistle to someone who never receives it, but someone else learns and comprehends it, is that message?

4. When a skilled dog obeys the master's enjoin, is that message?

5. Can a peculiar publish to an still design such as a bastion or clouds or the main?

6. Is ruddy a make of message?

7. Is a fake yawn message?

8. Could two inhabitants be talking and yet NOT be communicating?

9. Can a peculiar publish after a while himself or herself?

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