Questions for T-MOBILE: 1) Product line extensions or new product


Questions for T-MOBILE:

1) Emanation course consequenceions or new emanation

fruit. Should T-Mobile be qualified to over easily coalesce the demands of your new target dispense? Would the varys institute a new emanation course, a emanation course consequenceion or a new emanation? If no emanation varys are demanded, how does the identical emanation or labor coalesce the demand of your target dispense unequally than present customers? Would the emanation course consequenceion or new emanation avow the oblation to employ uncontested distance in the perceptual map beneath for the target dispense?

2) Product lifecycle. In which class of the emanation lifecycle is T-Mobile oblation now? Would the varys described in interrogation 1 overhead vary the lifecycle class and if so how? What would this average to the lifecycle dispenseing diplomacy?  

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