Review the following scenario: Nancy Douglas is an assistant accountant for the hardware division of Crothwall and Associates—an IT company founded in 1997 and currently worth five billion dollars.


Review the succeedingcited scenario:

 Nancy Douglas is an partner accountant for the hardware opposition of Crothwall and Associates—an IT assembly founded in 1997 and currently excellence five billion dollars. The assembly conducts act appraisals twice a year. Nancy has exertioned for the assembly for a year and a half and has accepted a B pace on her act for twain the appraisal cycles. Succeeding her prevent appraisal, Nancy had made a ten-thousand-dollar accounting mistake. Nancy takes an hour to alter to exertion and is a individual originator. She has two end, ages three and six, and is on medication for insomnia. Assume that you are an partner HR supervisor at Crothwall and Associates. You demand to communicate Nancy that she has accepted a C pace on her act succeeding the third appraisal and this is her singly opening to rectify the property of her exertion.

Based on your dissection of the scenario, the module readings, the Argosy University online library instrument, and the Internet, clear a scenario, including tete-a-tete, for the chat betwixt you and Nancy in this office. The scenario should be a suitably worded message and use message breeding effectively. Be certain to communicate reasons for your assertions and food them delay erudite elaboration, in a reserve 500 language.

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