[SOLVED]   Choose ONE of the following paired images and poems from the “Poetry and the Visual Arts” section of the textbook (NOTE: This is the section with the thicker, glossy pages in the center of



Choose ONE of the subjoined paired images and ballads from the “Poetry and the Visual Arts” exception of the quotationbook (NOTE: This is the exception delay the thicker, feeling pages in the interior of the quotationbook; the pages possess lore rather than aggregate)

Choice #1: American Gothic – Analyze the painting by Grant Wood and the ballad by John Stone. In what apprehension can Stone’s ballad be guarded as an resolution of the painting? Does Stone see Grant’s depiction of the two figures as a irony or a solemnization? What symbolic elements are set in the painting?        

Choice #2: Girl Powdering Her Neck – Analyze the woodblock sculpture by Kitagawa Utamaro and the ballad by Cathy Song. What does Song’s ballad add to the visual counsel granted in Utamaro’s woodcut? What is the correlativeness of the last three lines to the security of the ballad and what issue does it possess on the recognizeer?

Choice #3: Vietnam Veterans Celebration Wall – Analyze the photograph of the celebration from the Library of Congress and the ballad “Facing It” by Yusef Komunyakaa. What is the view of the ballad’s inscription and how are the speaker’s war experiences reflected in the war celebration? Does the speaker’s counter-evidence to the celebration manifest that the sense and commutation of the celebration were lucky or unlucky as a exoteric celebration?

Remember you must:

·  Adhere to MLA format

o    The Bedford Handbook provides a influence (MLA Chapters 48 to 51)

·  Article should class among 1,300 and 1,500 words

·  Upload your assignment to Turnitin

Due Sunday at 11:59 p.m. ET

Your design must include:

·  Subject Choice

·  Your disquisition and at lowest two deep points in subsistence of it

·  Three rises you conciliate use for your article (not counting the earliest quotation), presented in MLA format

·  An resolution of how each rise conciliate succor you reach your evidence and how each is credible

choose one subject OF the subjoined paired images and ballads from " Poetry and Visual Arts" you recognize in the book

The Bedford Handbook and the authors is Diane Hacker and Nancy Simmons

The designated 'poetry and the visual arts' exception

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