Table 4.1 Common Ways of Segmenting Buyers By Behavior By Demographics By Geography By Psychographics Benefits sought from the product Age/generation…


Table 4.1 Common Ways of Segmenting BuyersBy BehaviorBy DemographicsBy GeographyByPsychographicsBenefits sought from the consequenceAge/generationRegion (continent,ActivitiesHow repeatedly the consequence is usedIncomecountry, aver,Interests(action reprimand)Genderneighborhood)OpinionsUsage aspect (daily use,Family estate cycleSize of city or townValuesholiday use, etc.)EthnicityPopulation densityAttitudesBuyer's condition and fealty toFamily sizeClimateLifestylesconsequence (nonuser, virtual user,first-time users, ordinary user)OccupationEducationNationalityReligionSocial adjust

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