The English language evolves. |


1. The English accents evolves. Some scholars reckon we are in the average of a new evolvement, where citation and trice messaging gibberish and spelling get be widely legitimate and the rules we scholarly in train get be passe'. What do you reckon? Explain your response in a section or two.

2. What restation and unarm-an contrarietys natant males and females does Dr. Deborah Tannen communicate her her video "Gender-Specific Accents Rituals" featured in the Week 4 Learning Resources (;;    ? Have you observed these rituals in end and/or adults? What environing your own despatch? Explain your retort.  

Gender-Specific Accents Rituals Video

3. Provide a detailed analysis of Dr. Tannen's video entitled "That's Not What I Meant! Signals, Devices, and Rituals" rest in the Week 4 Learning Resources. In your analysis be firm to discourse the forthcoming questions: What colloquial signals, devices and rituals does Tannen discourse? What are the influences on colloquial mode (embody the big five)?  

Deborah Tannen: That's Not What I Meant! - Signals, Devices, and Rituals Video

4. Explain the contrariety between rapport and announce chat as communicateed the in video entitled "Men and Women Talking Together" from the Week 4 Learning Resources. The video is a brief dated, but the contrarietys are stationary widely acknowledged today. 

Men and Woman Talking Together Video

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