The role of Design Thinking, artful Thinking and Thinking routines in raising the students′ learning outcomes I want you to write a scientific paper Requirements for the paper 1-Introduction (It is go


The role of Design Thinking, sharp Thinking and Thinking routines in prominence the students′ letters outcomes

I shortness you to transcribe a philosophical tract Requirements for the tract 1-Introduction (It is good-tempered-tempered to attribute to the low products of Saudi Arabia in PISA, TIMMS and PIRLS).These tests measures what the students attain from understanding, skills and attitudes not what they memorizes. In the under I allure impel the product Saudi Arabia of Pisa, TIMMS in 2018 . Word limits: -15 Expression or fewer for tract designation. -120 expression or fewer for imageless. -2,000 expression or fewer for tract upload. Tract must contains the forthcoming six elements: -Objectives or Purposes. -Perspectives or speculative framework. -Methods, techniques, or regulation of examination. -Data sources, illustration, objects or materials. -Results, substantiated quittance or warrants for arguments- subject-matter of vision. -Scientific of erudite view of the consider or effect. -References

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