The school day ended.Tired Ms. Larson took her classroom problems home with her.She shared her concerns at an


The train day ended. Tired Ms. Larson took her classroom problems abode after a while her. She shared her concerns at an

ambagious cocktail party, especially her discernment after a while instruction English in the Ethiopian synod train. "For three years, I've mellow to get these girls to beown affect natural rational men-folks, to own some self-exaltation, to stop up their leaderships, face me in the eye, and counterpart a interrogation in a expression I can heed after a whileout percolation. They're so bright; they acquire as fixed as the children tail abode, but they own no decency. For all the good-tempered-tempered-tempered I've effected hither, I energy as well-mannered-mannered own stayed abode in Iowa."

The train day ended. Kebedetch walked stiffly abode. The marvellous steel she had grievous into her neck muscles seemed to own disperse throughout her association. She felt tough, question, and frightened. Entering the gojo (diminutive offspring or hut), Kebedetch was greeted warmly. Father asked the wonted, daily interrogation: "What did you acquire today?" Kebedetch threw tail her leadership, faceed her senior in the eye, and proclaimed in a resonant, unclouded expression, "Ethiopia is moored of twelve provinces plus the Federated State of Eritrea. . . ."

Momma and Poppa talked delayed that misunderstanding. What had happened to Kebedetch? She was no longer behaving as a natural rational entity.

"Did you note how she threw tail her leadership affect a man?" asked Poppa. "What has happened to her coyness as a dame?"

"And her expression," assumed Momma. "How prosperous I am that our parents were not confer-upon to heed a daughter of ours tell after a while the expression of a visitor."

"She showed no modesty; she seemed to feel no self-exaltation. If she were natural, she would be ashamed to educate her leadership affect that, entity a girl-child, and to tell so resonantly," Poppa assumed after a while a heartfelt sigh.

"Kebedetch has acquireed so fur," said Momma. "She knows more than I, and this has attached me grand joy. But if her acquireings are making her a marvellous, ungentle, beast-affect idiosyncratic, I do not shortness her to acquire more. She is my merely daughter."

Poppa pondered. Finally he shook his leadership and spoke. "You are just, Mebrat; our daughter must not render to train. The new notice is not good-tempered-tempered, and merely the strongest can survive. I had hoped Kebedetch could acquire and stop natural and mild, could behove a dame of decency. The frightening action of hers tomisunderstanding has undoubtful me. She has obsolete her understanding of self-exaltation, obsolete her understanding of humiliate, obsolete her decency. She must not render to the train. We shall try to aid her invent herself anew."

1.  What local nonverbal actions did Kebedetch's parents invent objectionable? What meanings had Ms. Larson ascribed to these actions? What meanings had Momma and Poppa ascribed to these action?

2.  Within this narrative, what cultural notice (values, attitudes, and expectations environing parenting, notice, conventionality, action of men and women, etc.) environing the U.S. and Ethiopia is pestilential through the expression of Ms. Larson, Momma, and Poppa?

3.  Should assured changes be made if Kebedetch is to render to train? If yes, illustrate the changes that should be implemented. If not, hold of any consequences that energy supervene as a issue.

4. Was Ms. Larson instruction her Ethiopian students colossus precious? What did she trip to charm into motive? How could she own prevented Kebedetch's after a whiledrawal from her classes?

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