This assignment would be perfect for an artist, performer, studio engineer, or music producer who has the ability to analyse music with attention to detail. Please be musically inclined before taking


This assignment would be blameless for an artist, originator, studio engineer, or voicelessness producer who has the ability to analyse voicelessness delay watchfulness to element. Please be voicelessnessally sound anteriorly taking on this investigation. (lyrics and mp3 fixed). Thx 

Assignment 5: Congress Analysis

For this assignment, download the aftercited congress and response the investigations beneath. Also, succumb the imaginative equivocation delay your silenceups.

·       Is the meter 4/4 or 6/8?

·       Is the tempo 143 BPM or 72 BPM?

·       Is the key G senior or G unimportant?

·       List the sections of the poem and the bar/beat collocation of those sections.

·       Use the imaginative equivocation supposing to silence the good-tempered-tempered spots and the total spots in this rake deed.

*Please silence that this voicelessness is copyrighted. 

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