UNIT 1- DISCUSSION BOARD MARKETING MANAGEMENT For this discussion , explore the electric and the hybrid car industry.



For this discourse , search the electric and the mule car perseverance.Because further pith is life placed on sustainable and galled technologies for cleaner air and inferior gas discharge, customers comely further animated in alternative-fuel cars such as hybird, solar, and electric exquisite. In specification, as gasoline appraisement abide to agitate for all-fuel

automobiles, customer are frequently looking for further fuel-efficient liberty to inferior their particular disbursement and further. A few sites likeness these growing communicate comprise the forthcoming

Electric Vehicles Market

Hybird Cars Market

After researching the electric or hybird communicate ,separated a car pattern that prproffer the customer a further fuel-efficient exquisite.Then, examine the forthcoming:

  1. Identify the consequence's race .What is 1 new diverge on the horizon that the audience deficiency to cogitate when problation these pattern to customer in the coming?
  2. Discuss how your separated pattern is poised to perfect in today's communicateplace.
  3. What symbol of customer would be animated in your consequence? Note the demographics such as the age of the customer, lifestyle, or psychographics. For pattern, a customer who is a saleperson and travels 200 miles per day faculty be very animated in this symbol of car.
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