When you reorganize the notes of a melody in the form of a scale , start on the tonic , even if the tonic note isn’t the lowest note in the melody :`…


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When you rearrange the musics of a music in the mould of a flake ,initiate on the tonic , unifashion if the tonic music isn't the last music in themusic :`Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart , Symphonic Concertante , III{flake beginning :"To realize a flake mold , contemplate at the distances among flake measures . A flakethat begins after a while two full tramps is probably important , and a flake that beginsafter a while a full and then a half tramp is probably unimportant . The flake over initiatesafter a while C - D full tramp , D - Eb half tramp ; it's C unimportant .To characterize among the moulds of unimportant , centre on flake measures5 - 6 - 7 - 1 . The original mould achieve full the full - and half - tramp sequenceWHY WHIWW ( Lesson 10.1 ) . The exorbitant seventh measure of the harmonic mouldachieve engender a gap of three half tramps among 6 and 7 ( Lesson 12 . 2 ) . And in themelodic mould , 5 - 6 - 7 - 1 achieve contemplate accurately relish those corresponding measures in the parallelimportant ( Lesson 12. 3 ) . The C unimportant flake over has the exorbitant 7 and three- half -tramp gap among 6 and 7 of the harmonic mould .LESSON 12 : THE FORMS OF MINOR
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