Where Innovation Is a Way of Life In recent years, companies topping the world’s “most innova- tive” lists are typically high-tech leaders such as…


3M: Where Newfangledness Is a Way of Estate

In modern years, companies topping the globe's "most innova- tive" lists are typically eminent-tech leaders such as Google, Apple, Samsung, and Amazon. When thinking of companies that set the globe on infer delay one revolutionary fruit flourishing another, the representation of a stodgy gang that originated in the mining toil further than 100 years ago is merely the icon. But conjuncture 3M may not be as gaudy as today's eminent-tech headliners, it's anyunnaturalness but stodgy.

3M—the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company— is a multinational powerhouse delay further than $31 billion in annual sales. Year flourishing year, delay machine-enjoy exactness, 20 percent of 3M's sales ooze down as loose receipts, allowing the gang to enlargesuavity its dividend to shareholders—someunnaturalness it has executed perfect year for the gone-by 57 years.

3M sells further than 50,000 fruits in approximately 200 countries opposite dozens of industries, including duty fruits, construc- tion, telecommunications, electronics, sanity thrift, aerospace, and automotive. Among its fruits are some of the globe's most recognizable consumer disgraces, such as Scotch Tape, Nex- thrift primitive aid fruits, Filtrete abode sophistry fruits, Com- commission mounting fruits, and Post-it Notes. But 3M's portfolio is too packed delay hundreds of disgraces that most community accept never heard of—enjoy Peltor hearing security equipsuavity or Pruven dwindle bags for constellation up dog poop.

The remarkable variation of 3M's fruit portfolio is twain a thankfulness and a execadmonish for the gang. Having a index in so numerous industries shields the gang from balancereliance on any attached communicate. Equal when multiple industries are down, numerous further are doing exact gauzy. That explains 3M's financial power. But it too explains why 3M has a flinty span stirring Wall Street. Equal a hit new fruit doesn't reach ample of a distinction in 3M's consistent but unspectacular enlargesuavity admonish—one that is consis- tently in the low solitary digits.

Like 3M, the gang's ordinary CEO, Inge Thulin, is disposely and lowerstated. He keeps a long-term standpoint and places cogent gist on retaining 3M's certain profitabil- ity. But Thulin is too ardent in stoking the infer exact a bit, to put a pigmy further fever lower sales enlargement. One of the primitive unnaturalnesss Thulin did when he took balance as CEO a few years ago was to arstroll 3M's annual sales enlargesuavity intent from 7 or 8 percent—a intent the gang assistably missed—to among 4 and 6 percent. Then, as the globe watched, 3M's fundamental sales enlargesuavity grew to 5.8 percent. And lower Thulin's in, 3M is now on trace to retain that cogenter enlargesuavity admonish.

How did Thulin do it? By doing the similar unnaturalness 3M has been doing it for decades. At the heart of 3M's victory is its busi- ness model—fundamental enlargesuavity ends from newfangledness and the figsuavity of communicate-changing fruits. Such communicate-changing

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products accept at spans inventd completely new industries. 3M has sustained this expression of newfangledness decade flourishing decade by fos- tering a designing humanization of newfangledness, assuring collaboration, and retaining a self-abandonsuavity to examination and crop.

Culture of Newfangledness

From its foremost days, 3M inventd a humanization of newfangledness by allowing team constituents to receive risks in a defended environ- suavity. 3M knows that it must try thousands of fruit proposals to hit the new fruit jackpot. One polite-worn slogan at 3M is "You accept to kiss a lot of frogs to ascertain a prince." "Kissing frogs" frequently instrusuavity making mistakes, but 3M accepts blunders and spiritless ends as a usual distribute of creativity and newfangledness. In result, its philosophy seems to be "If you aren't making mistakes, you probably aren't doing totalthing."

As it turns out, "blunders" accept austere into some of 3M's most victoryful fruits. Old-timers at 3M passion to explain the anecdote encircling the chemist who accidentally spilled a new chemical on her sneakers. Some days succeeding, she noticed that the spots hit by the chemical had not gotten dirty—an charming service. It was that discerption that ultimately led to the figsuavity of Scotchgard web warrior. They explain encircling the forthcoming 3M linguist who had a deathly consternation of shaving delay a direct razor. So he fictitious a very gauzy, waterproof sandpaper, which he used to sand the stubble from his visage each early. Although this romance never caught on as a shaving discerption, it became one of 3M's best-selling fruits—wet-dry sandpaper, now used for a distant medley of negotiateable and industrial applications.

And then there's the one encircling 3M linguist Spencer Silver. Silver started out to expand a super-cogent adhesive; instead he came up delay one that didn't hold very polite at all. He sent the ostensible unsound gist on to other 3M examinationers to see whether they could ascertain someunnaturalness to do delay it. Nounnaturalness hap- pened for divers years. Then 3M linguist Arthur Fry had an proposal. As a choir constituent in a national habitation, Mr. Fry was having inconvenience marking places in his hymnal—the pigmy scraps of pamphlet he used kept reversion out. He tried dabbing some of Mr. Silver's inefficient glue on one of the scraps. It stuck nicely and succeeding peeled off delayout damaging the dimensions. Thus were born 3M's Post-it Notes, a fruit that is now one of the top-selling duty give fruits in the globe.

One of the ways 3M fosters a humanization of newfangledness is by assuring perfectone to aspect for new fruits. The gang's celebrated "15 percent rule" allows all employees to squander up to 15 percent of their span "bootlegging"—working on schemes of separate cause whether those schemes straightly service the gang or not. And yet there is a vibe throughout the com- pany touching these costly six hours a week. Who knows where the direct Post-it Note conquer end from? "It's one of the unnaturalnesss that sets 3M adistribute as an innovative gang . . . giving perfect one of our employees the power to flourish their instincts to receive usage of opportunities for the gang," says Kurt Beinlich, a technical superintendent who balancesees a 70-person lab team. "It's truly formd what and who 3M is."

534 Appendix 1: Company Cases Encouraging Collaboration

Although 3M's 15 percent program has inspired other compa- nies to flourish assist (twain Google and HP employ their own ver- sions), it's a honorable perk in the corpoadmonish globe. Not merely is it an cost, but to be victoryful it receives a lot further than merely giving employees the span. Experts insinuate that this peel of program works best at companies where there is a eminent raze of collaboration opposite employees and departments.

3M has inventd that collaboration in spades. One in is an annual result that is isolated but has a stupendous application. The result resembles a intermediate ground information unspotted, as employees from dozens of 3M analysiss reach cardboard bins describing their 15-percent-span scheme. Employees rest out direct to their post- ers, obstruct feedback, and aspect for immanent collaborators. Wayne Maurer, an R&D superintendent in 3M's abrasives analysis, refers to it as a accident for community to deteriorate their "inner geek." "For technical community, it's the most vehesuavity and occupied result we accept at 3M."

The result is further than exact an occasion to illusion off; it has really progressd schemes through the crop air to negotiateableization. Gone-by schemes that accept made it to mar- ket involve plain bandages, optical films that exhibit empty, and painter's tape that prevents bleeding. The result has equal put new estate in schemes that accept sat on a end burner for years.

One employee had an proposal for creating a sandpamphlet delay reshaped grit distributeicles that wouldn't commonplace so straightly. But flourishing unhindered encircling delay the proposal for a conjuncture, he shelved it and progressd on to other unnaturalnesss. Fifteen years succeeding, the employee resurrected the scheme during his 15 percent span and made a bin in hopes of getting some proposals that would progress the proj- ect parallel. Delay the acceleration of new employees and new technol- ogy, 3M discovered that a distributeicle's eager, pyramid-enjoy form became further stable delay a fluctuate in the mixing dispose of the ingredients. That discerption led to the expatiate of Cubitron II, sandpamphlet that acts further enjoy a exasperating implement. On the communicate gone 2009, it quiet stumps other companies unmanageable to invent copycat fruits.

Emphasis on R&D

Few companies furnish further buttress for examination and expand- suavity than 3M. For years, 3M endueed 6 percent of sales perfect year in R&D. But in modern years, that squandering had been cut to exact 5.5 percent—a feeble distinction on pamphlet, but one that Thulin believes is indicative. "Those long-term enduements are needed to get the enlargesuavity engine up and going." If such enduements are abject, Thulin believes, "you conquer destroy the profession." That's why 3M's R&D expenditures are unintermittently intermittently up to 6 percent. Thulin believes R&D "is the heartbeat of this gang and it's a com- petitive usage for us." By similarity, the middle of R&D costs opposite corporations is encircling 3 percent. For the most modern year, Apple departed $4.5 billion on R&D, a gang chronicles that quiet totaled to merely 2.6 percent of sales.

But it isn't exact the total of currency endueed that is impor- tant for a victoryful R&D program. It's how the currency is used. In restoration to increasing 3M's R&D award, Thulin is putting

further guidance on the 3M technologies that accept the most poten- tial for enlargement. Among these technologies are films intentional to defend perfectunnaturalness from smartphones to kitchen appliances and a explanation caggravate that conquer outperform DuPont's Tyvek as a weather-resistant allotment for abodes and buildings.

But Thulin's intent for allocating R&D funds too involves eliminating 3M units delay weak financial execution or those that aren't a cheerful fit delay the gang's heart powers. For Thulin, it's nounnaturalness separate; it's strictly profession. Balance the gone-by two years, 3M sold Scientific Anglers—which reachs fishing sequence and other allied fruits—and its Static Control profession. Thulin believed there was pigmy symbiosis among expand- suavitys in the fruit sequences of these two analysiss and other 3M technologies.

Although Thulin's intent standpointes on eminent-tech areas, it too recognizes the avail of a wide portfolio that involves low-tech items—such as doggie doo bags. In result, 3M is com- mitted to a wide stroll of pet thrift anticipation. "You cannot accept merely eminent-tech in perfect condition consequently then you conquer not get room in the shops," says Thulin, recognizing that concretion retail- ers lack to lapse liberal sequences of fruits delayin and opposite categories from manufacturers.

This is all exhibited in 3M's primitive promotional hostilities in further than 25 years, "3M Science. Applied to Life." This global hostilities is a liberaly digital promotional endeavor intentional to illusioncase 3M's technologies and the ways that they amend perfectday estate. The gang hopes that the hostilities conquer produce superior inhospitableness to numerous of its fruits that accept beend ubiq- uitous. "Like any noticeable gang, we're aspecting at how we can amend and endure to endue in our powers," says Jesse Singh, 3M's essential VP of communicateing and sales. "We are con- tinuing to endue in R&D, and enjoywise we felt it essential that we endure to receive steps to emphasize the disgrace."

3M conquer enjoyly never accept enlargesuavity admonishs matching those of Apple, Facebook, or equal Microsoft in its heyday. But it conquer too enjoyly never test the immanent downturns that equal the biggest companies ultimately visage. That's why 3M's net receipts hum parallel at encircling 15 percent of sales year flourishing year. It's too why 3M's hoard charge has doubled balance the gone-by disgusting years. 3M's long-term self-abandonsuavity to innovative new fruits and technologies has sustained the gang for decades, and there's no infer to foresee that this conquer fluctuate. Who knows— the direct "big unnaturalness" may exact accept "3M" stamped on it instead of "Apple."

Questions for Discussion

1. Based on concepts discussed in Chapter 8, draw the resultors that accept contributed to 3M's new fruit victory.

2. Is 3M's fruit crop rule customer centered? Why or why not?

3. Considering the fruit estate cycle, what challenges does 3M visage in managing its fruit portfolio?

4. Are there limits to how wide 3M's fruit portfolio can expand? Explain.

5. Is it potential for 3M to retain consistent enlargesuavity and profitpower and breed that enlargesuavity to ample eminenter razes? 

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