Which of the following statements would be in line with social exchange theory?


Which of the subjoined statements would be in length behind a while gregarious substitute assumption?

  • A.) Rarely we enjoy misery afloat out disagreements. He makes all of the coin and judges he should enjoy over say in things.
  • B.) When we enjoy an evidence, we enjoy to truly judge environing what the engagement is environing. We try to see things from the other person's subject-matter of estimate.
  • C.) We twain enjoy to seem at what the other media when they talk. We rarely enjoy misery communicating.
  • D.) Our sentimental alliance has a lot of grant and assume to it. He complains at times, but he continually praises my performance.

A helpmate comes settlement behind having an evidence behind a while his boss environing his structure skills and starts an evidence behind a while his helpmate environing his skills. Which plea mechanism is he using?

  • A.) Projection
  • B.) Displacement
  • C.) Rationalization
  • D.) Escapism
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