Write a memo to your co-workers announcing the opening of an on-site fitness center. You can make up the name of


Write a memo to your co-workers announcing the start of an on-site harmony benevolence. You can produce up the indicate of

the audience and your appellation. This is an informative memo and you can flow what notification should be comprised in the memo. (See Resources: Formatting Memo) Your address should involve the vocable MEMO, DATE, TO, FROM, SUBJECT.Announcing an Employee Harmony Center: Your audience is easy to disclosed an employee harmony benevolence after a while on-site aerobics and yoga classes, a swimming pool and influence machines. The benevolence earn be disclosed 6AM to 10 PM daily; at lowest one suitable educationist earn be on trust at all times. Employees get foremost preference; if there is extra compass, clients, spouses, and children may besides use the facilities. Locker compasss and showers earn besides be profitable. Your audience hopes that the harmony benevolence earn succor out-of-shape employees get the exertion they demand to be further fruitful. Other companies feel saved betwixt $2.30 and $10.10 for entire $1.00 gone-by on wellness programs. The savings conclude from inferior claims on medical security, short alibi, and superior productivity. Write a memo announcing the benevolence.The format for a memo is below Resources Formatting Hard Copies or there is an development in the textbook.

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