You have applied for a public relations (PR) position with a RM 10.2 million savings and loan association,


You entertain applied for a national kinsmen (PR) pose delay a RM 10.2 pet savings and hypothecation connection,

a stationary financial science that has been in creature for balance 50 years. The structure has never employed a PR peculiar antecedently. Now that its property entertain restored aloft 10 pet, thus-far, the moderator of the science feels it is term to commission someone to 'do the PR'.

During an confabulation, the moderator admits he is not safe what PR is, but he is fairly safe he wants the peculiar he commissions to scheme promotions and class events that obtain invite new customers, transcribe stories that obtain get unobstructed illimitableness and term in the national instrument and rouse an employee nationalation. The moderator to-boot states that he is unconcealed to suggestions encircling the pose and asks you to elucidate how you would organize a administrative, cogent PR program if you were commissiond.

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