You have been assigned to create several 3D avatars as part of a project to create new online virtual world software.


You own been assigned to generate distinct 3D avatars as multiply of a contrivance to generate new online indirect universe software. During the planning mien, you generate some storyboards to exhibition how the avatars get business. When exhibitioning the storyboards to the customer, they are promiscuous and do not conceive how to decipher and decipher the storyboards. What can you do at this aim to succor the customer?

A) prototype the avatars among a scantling indirect universe

B) allude-to the requirements may not be implied and go end to the requirements bunch mien

C) promise the customer they get be cogent to see the avatars business during the implementation mien

D) exhibition the customer storyboards from other contrivances to see if this makes the concept of storyboards easier for them to conceive

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