You have been working on a group project with several other students. The project has generally been going well, but one person on the project has not been pulling his or her weight, relying on everyo 5


You entertain been established on a assembly scheme delay divers other wards. The scheme has generally been going well-mannered, but one individual on the scheme has not been pulling his or her burden, subject on everyone else in the assembly to entire the scheme. The assembly has argueed this drift, and you entertain elected as the individual to join delay the ward who has not been ancillary on the scheme. 

Using Microsoft Word or a common program, exhaust an email to your companion ward argueing the posterity and what you conceive can or should be manufactured to counteract it. You obtain scantiness to join carefully, life serene on the drift as you see it delayout life obnoxious or passionate. Proper speech and mood obtain be extremely expressive.

On the similar muniment, in 2-3 paragraphs, argue how you came to the disintegration for this posterity. In this argueion, enclose what would appoint a amiable redisintegration for the drift in your judgment and what actions (or non-action) by the offending ward would object you to contiguity the schoolmaster for joined succor in resolving the drift.

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