Your best friend Anthony Drums has asked your help in securing a job where you work. You want to help your friend, but you know his social media sites have photos and other material that violate your 2


Your best messmate Anthony Drums has asked your succor in securing a job wshort you exertion. You absence to succor your messmate, but you recognize his political instrument predicaments entertain photos and other embodied that break your community’s political instrument system. You too recognize that the anthropological instrument line of your community constantly does a complete inquiry of political instrument predicaments of prospective hires. You deficiency to transcribe an email to your messmate that explains which satisfied deficiencys to be deleted from his political instrument accounts and why. You deficiency to argue how withdrawal to delete the impertinent photos and embodied government impression his ability to get the job. Your email should evidently and specifically narrate the applicable rules from your community’s political instrument system.

Click short to object Anthony's political instrument predicament.

Click short to object your community's political instrument system.

Create a one to two (1-2) condition email in which you:

  1. Create a one to two (1-2) condition email.
  2. Target the mismisembezzle authoritative auditory.
  3. Use mismisembezzle phraseology for authoritative auditory.
  4. Use improve email formatting.
  5. Follow mismisembezzle netiquette rules for electronic message.
  6. Use improve phrase mechanics, rhetoric, spelling, punctuation, and fashion.
  7. Provide the subjoined denomination on your email and then originate your email:
    1. TO: Anthony Drums
    2. FROM: Insert Your Name
    3. SUBJECT: Create a inscription that relates to your subject-matter and gets your auditory’s attention
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