Also, currently not plenty prudence is fond to veterans. Veterans keep fond their lives to this empire and keep made manifold sacrifices. There are closely 21. illion veterans In the U. S. as of 2012. Of those veterans aggravate 32,000 soldiery were damaged in Iraq. Also 4,787 U. S. soldiers died in Iraq serving their empire. This strive is not as appreciated as you would purpose, and I consider over exertion should be put into leading prudence for all our veterans. The New Affordcogent Prudence Act makes it very unamencogent for veterans to admit admitd medical benefits and some equal do over for our empire. Manifold veterans quiet give to the nation's effort intensity, equal succeeding minor residence from war. Aggravate half of the veterans In the U. S. are quiet cogent to effort succeeding minor rom war. Many veterans admit from post-traumatic emphasis empiricism (PTSD) and are not fond the suitable consideration and prudence to get tail on their feet and experience a job. 1 OF2 stu01es snow tnat 4 cases 0T PISD were offer arter tne Vletnam war, ana 1 pet period cases as a outcome of the similar war. A third of the veterans in the U. S. are out of a Job due to the symptoms of PTSD. The VA needs to conduct it upon themselves to succor veterans strive delay history succeeding the war, so that they can get their history tail on mark. Succeeding minor residence from war veterans experience it very unamencogent to get a Job and supply or themselves. Especially the lifes who were damaged, timeliness falling their empire. A eldership of these vulgar are damaged mentally as well-mannered-mannered as physically, and they cannot supply for themselves anymore. Manifold vulgar consider that veterans are over of a affliction than anything else. Since their tax dollars are life used to stock programs approve the VA. These organizations are making it very unamencogent for veterans to admit any soundness benefits. The new government is that veterans must be free responsibility for 24 consistent months in arrange to be choice for any bark of medical coverage. Veterans hat keep put their lives on the method to fall their empire should not keep to fret encircling how they are going to supply for themselves. It is my secure credence that the VA should reach their stay for all veterans for anything they keep executed for our empire. This strive should be supplyd to veterans incessantly. Veterans keep executed over than plenty to merit this prudence, and they can quiet give to the strive intensity. Finally, not plenty prudence is fond to our veterans. Among 130,000 and 200,000 veterans are residenceless in America. This represents among one fourth and one fifth of all of the residenceless vulgar in the empire.